Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The 'people' problem

Not posted in a while, my bad. But so much crap going on at the moment that i don't even have time to whinge. But i have a spare 5 minutes so here goes nothing. 
I am NOT a people person. In fact, there are probably about 10 people on this planet i'd quite happily spend the rest of my days with and the rest of you could happily do one. There are so many things that annoy me about people that this blog will probably need a part 2...But i'll give you a few to tickle your fancy. 

  1. The most annoying thing is CHATTING SHIT BEHIND PEOPLES BACK. I talk a lot of shit most of the time. But i rarely say things about people that i wouldn't say to their faces. This is why: People deserve to know if they are being shit. Because the chances are if you think they are being a waste of space, a few more people do. So if you tell them, they can sort that shitness and become a more pleasing person to be around. I know, most people hate being told the truth, but someones gotta tell them and i don't mind doing it. But if i'm being shit and no one tells me i get SO ANNOYED! i don't want to be a rubbish person so if this your opinion then tell me. It can go one of two ways, I'll either apologize and say fair do's and do better or argue that you are wrong til the cows come home. I'll not lie, the latter is more common. 
  2. What's with being a dick to make you look cool? Like i get some people like to show off in front of their mates but when it comes at the expense of me or anyone else i get a little peeved because its not big or not clever and it only makes me think that you've obviously got something to compensate for, whether it be a small penis, an ugly face, a shit dress. Don't do it because i'm fully aware of what you are doing and i will turn around and point it out to you and all your miscreant friends and make you look like a prize wanker. 
  3. Headfucking. This needs a blog of its own. DON'T MIND FUCK ME! my brain is already on the verge of exploding with all this awesomeness that i don't need your stupid mind games. Keep it simple. Life is so much easier that way and then there's more time for fun things like food and sex and suduko. 
  4. Facebook freaks. There are several breeds. There's 'I'm so in love that i'm gonna put it on every status so that people throw up on themselves'. There's 'I'm going to let you know everything i'm doing every 5 minutes because i'm that boring'. There's 'I'm gonna talk in secret code in my status's and make it very clear i'm talking about someone but not say who'. There's 'I'm a boy, i like football here's a picture of my abs or my car because my penis isn't that great' and there's 'I'm a girl, here's a picture of my half naked self edited to fuck, go wank over my tits in my profile pic'. Seriously? Need i say more. 
Thats enough for now...i would go on but i'm watching a film and this is distracting. 
Peace out.


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