Saturday, 24 March 2012

The 'big' girl problem

Okay so here we go....
So i have been blessed with the gift of height. I am 5ft 11. A lanky bugger some might say, but as i've got older i've learnt to appreciate this and i love being the tallest girl in most places. However...i hate being called big. Call me big and you will feel the wrath of my 35in inside leg whipping against your face. 
For example...
I, like most other girls on the planet adore my high heeled shoes. When i go out in town...i like to wear these shoes because they make my legs, arse and boobs look tremendous. And yes, with these shoes i am about 6ft 3 so i'm bound to get noticed. But if you wish to make comment on how lengthy i am please refrain from sentences such as this..."WOW, YOU'RE A BIG GIRL AREN'T YOU!?!" 

there is a huge difference between being big and being tall. 
If i was this tall and a size 32 then yes i would expect all the big comments and fat jokes in the world but as a girl who works damn hard to keep my figure, i get awfully offended when you people with little vocabulary call me something i'm not. 
I know that half the time its not meant the way its said, i get that. But jeeeeez. 
I'm just hollaring for all us longlegged lovelies! 
Its not nice to be out thinking you're looking fly and then some short cretin comes and pisses all over your cornflakes and suddenly you feel like the token fat mate. And lets not deny it....we all have one. 
So in conclusion....when i stroll past you looking like a magical unicorn with golden sunshine hair and legs like ribbons don't think big....think WOW YOU STATUESQUE GODDESS! ahahaha or if i'm not your cup of char.. SHES AWFULLY ALTITUDINOUS FOR A LADYFOLK. 

And yes i am fully aware that in the thesaurus that when you look up tall it says big....but you know what....i dont care. Because its wrong and i'm right. DUH! 


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