Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The 'man' problem

I am a 22 year old girl...i have had a number of boyfriends and a number of men in my life and i'm not gonna sit here and praise any of them. I am definitely a man hater...no actually, i just don't understand men at all. And just when i think i do..BAM! one of them goes and does something that completely boggles me and i'm back to a confused royal mess. 
I blame my name. Cassandra means 'ignored by men' so i guess i had this coming. But i am going to list the things that annoy me and confuse me..because if i didn't then reading this would be pointless

  1. Why do guys think the grass is always greener? BECAUSE IT ISN'T it might look like it is...but the chances of it actually being better are so slim that its probably not worth it. Believe me!
  2.  Why is it when they go and have a go on the new pasture they think we won't find out? WE ALWAYS DO! because you are all shit liars and i can see through it all like cling film. 
  3. Don't try it on with my mates. They love me more than you and they will tell me. 
  4. Just because you're fit doesn't make you better than anyone else. So therefore don't talk to me like a piece of dog shit you've just stepped in because i will make you eat dog shit. 
  5. Don't think that by telling me i'm pretty and you like my tits that i'm going to play with your penis. Thanks for the compliment but it takes a bit more effort than that. 
  6. Don't tell me you're looking for a girlfriend when you're not. You might think its a fast track way into my knickers but i won't believe you because i know you'll only sleep with me and then say......oh yeh that's right, NOTHING! 
  7. Also don't treat me like a girlfriend but say we're not together. THATS JUST ANNOYING! 
  8. When you're with your mates don't act like the hard man and then as soon as they disappear its all 'babe' this 'baby' that. It makes me want to hurt you.
  9.  I get i'm your friend and we may or may not have had sex, but please don't drop me as soon as you find a piece of fanny. It's just rude and i'm obviously not your friend in the first place if that's what you think is okay. 
  10. THERE IS JUST NO BALANCE! you are either too much or too little. Why don't you just want the same things we girls do.... A SENSE OF NORMALITY!!!
Okay, ten is enough for now...and i get that to you men, us women are like crazy bitches who need serious help but we are obviously the more awesome species so get with the program fellas and STOP THE IRRITATING...seriously....enough.


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